Dog Spa & Grooming in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Reimagine dog grooming. Our dog spa experience features flexible, customizable treatments for our pampered pets. It is the ultimate retreat in Ponte Vedra Beach FL where indulged guests can be groomed and bathed. We feature the latest in dog grooming equipment and technology and only use premium pet products that revitalize and rejuvenate. Our skilled groomers have years of expertise in providing the perfect style for any breed of any size. Online reservations are highly encouraged.

Allow us to provide an exceptional experience in a safe and friendly environment.

Pamper (Basic Bath)

Bath and dry ONLY. Done by our professional bathers. This service can ONLY be added onto daycare or boarding, it is not available for drop off appointments.

Luxury Bath

Everything included in the Pamper PLUS nails (trim or buff), ear cleaning, and a quick brush just to tidy up the coat. This service is completed by our professional bathers.

Mini Groom

Everything included in the Luxury bath (bath dry, nails, and ears,) PLUS a really more extensive brush out, along with trimming of feet, paw pads, hygiene, and bangs. This service is done by a professional groomer. As a rule of thumb, any scissor, clippers, or de-shedding work but NOT full body length off is a mini.

Full Groom

Everything included in the Mini groom PLUS pet parent’s choice of what length off all over or de-matting. This service is done by a professional groomer. Note… deep de-sheading or de-matting it even if no length is taken off typically requires a full groom treatment.

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