Indoor Dog Daycare in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Many pet owners appreciate the importance of group play which helps socialize their pets while providing them with a great workout. Think of our pet daycare as a year-round summer camp for dogs. Pet parents are amazed how quickly tails start wagging at the mere mention of DogBeach’s program for dog daycare in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Dog Daycare Ponte Vedra Beach FL

When you need caretakers that will give your pets the love and attention they deserve, DogBeach’s doggy daycare is here for you and them. Our large fields provide your four-legged friends with tons of open space to run and play.  DogBeach is all indoor with no chance of rain, mud, lightning or stifling humidity. Our dogs get the perfect day… every day.

Do you have Dogs that love the water? We have a special area for them too all included in our regular daycare price. It includes a heated, indoor pool, and lots of water toys for their enjoyment. The truth is we have so many pet-friendly amenities, dogs love being here. Rest assured that while you’re away, they’ll be having just as much fun as you’re having.

Daycare Keeps Pets Occupied – No more crazy Zoom Calls

We know that dogs need stimulation to keep them healthy. It’s why even generally well-behaved pooches that are left alone may destroy your house, disturb neighbors with barking, and be hyperactive or stressed when you return. Booking your pet’s stay at our puppy daycare program gives your little one the opportunity to release that pent-up energy without destroying your home. Our climate-controlled indoor facility features four distinct play areas. Your pet should be as tired as you are after their fun day at DogBeach.

Dog Grooming

Daycare Options

Daycare & Groom

Want your pup to get pampered and enjoy some playtime?  This is the perfect option.  This service combines a half day of playtime with one of our grooming services.  Pick from a luxury bath, mini groom, or full groom and we do the rest.  Drop off in the morning and your pup will experience a fun day of play along capped off with a special spa treatment in the late afternoon.

Daycare - Full Day

Our guests get to experience a day of off leash play and socialization. Each guest will be overseen by nationally trained dog specialists that will provide lots of love and attention. Water and strategic play breaks will be given throughout the day while maintaining a happy and healthy dog environment.


Dogs are like 10-year-old boys on the playground. Even the best of friends has a squabble or two during the year. While in most cases there is nothing to report, it’s nice to have an onsite vet to look after any scrape or sniffle that may occur. Rest assured our staff will call you with any issues that may arise. And, just like the playground, most dogs go back to being best buddies within the hour.

Offering Extended Dog Boarding Services

At our pet daycare, we proudly offer extended dog boarding to ensure all of your and their needs are met. Our top priority is to ensure that your pet’s physical and emotional well-being is always maintained, by providing around-the-clock care while making sure to note any unique health or dietary requirements that your pet may have. So whether you need to drop off your furry friend for a single evening or a whole week, you can trust us for quality indoor dog and puppy boarding. We look forward to serving your needs and the needs of your pet, however possible.

 Contact our dog daycare to book your pet’s stay with us. We proudly serve clients in Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Nocatee, and Bartram areas.

Keep your dog happy and healthy.

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